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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stories That Inspire Us...

I am remembering a story i heard in my school days.

Mr. Jhon is the first person in his small town who become a Doctor. After getting his degree he want to start his practice in his own town so he can leave joyfully at his birth place. But he found that nobody gets ill in his town. He makes research for the same and found that every person of this town is eating only healthy foods so nobody gets ill.

Now Mr. Jhon don't want to leave his motherland and also want to start his practice. So he starts a first fast food shop of that town and give name "Mr. Jhon Fast Food". In the same building he also starts his clinic. In some days, his shop running successfully and due to fast food people gets ill and his practice also starts in full speed.

Moral :

Let's side out Mr. Jhon's attitude to the citizens of that town and learn to create an opportunity where is no hope of business. Most of us always refuse to do business in those area when there is no hope to get money. But we also have to remind that the biggest hope for business is located over there only, because there must be a less or no competition. We just need to develop the opportunity over there.